Smart City Surveillance Solutions


Officials need smart city surviellance solutions to secure and safeguard their citizens and controlling crime. The officials can choose an intergrated video monitoring system (VMS) to keep an eye across their entire city, from a central control room. Eroth NetLink Solution Pvt Ltd with its experience and expertise knowledge has already set benchmarks in Smart City Surveillance Solutions.


An intergrated smart city survelliance system can be useful to various legal departments like the police, traffice police and intelligence to refer live feeds as evidences of criminal activities. Also it helps municipal corporations to monitor and provide emergency services in case of natural calamities and human created threats.

VMS based surveillance enables 24×7 smart city monitoring.

City is at Peace of Mind

Our smart city survelliance solutions ensures higher security and safety for the citizens round the clock.

Serves as Primary Crime Evidence

It is a proven tool for officials as primary evidances of criminal activities to identify suspects.

Face Recognition with Picture Intelligence

The face-recognition feature in the Picture Intelligence Unit (PIU) of the cameras can spot wanted criminals and trace missing persons.

Get Live Feeds with 360 degree zoom and detailed analysis.

Traffic monitoring and control

Traffic department can identify vehicle owners with number plates at traffic signals, toll naka, no parking.

Centrally Controlled Integrated System

Entire city can be monitored at single point control room or at mutiple jurisdiction department locations.

Pre programmed for suspicious footages

Night vision enabled cameras can be pre programmmed for suspicious footages like tree blocking roads, person carrying weapon etc.

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